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Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Keep your carpets clean with our low moisture carpet cleaning!

For Adelaide carpet cleaning, look no further than Tidy Task Cleaning. We use a low moisture method that will leave your carpets clean, fresh and revived. First, we thoroughly vacuum your carpets to pick up any loose dirt or debris and this also prepares the carpet fibres for cleaning. We then use an encapsulation machine that first sprays the carpet with a solution that cleans, deodorises and allows for the encapsulation process while drying.

Next using a micro-fibre pad, the machine with its orbital motion scrubs the carpet which instantly transfers soil, dirt and stains from the carpet to the pad. This orbital motion allows the micro-fibre pad to penetrate deep down into the base of the carpet, loosening any soil and bringing it to the surface for removal.

Exceptional Adelaide Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service truly provides exceptional clean results and if perfect for any house cleaning or commercial cleaning package. If you want soft, clean and stain-free surfaces, look no further than Tidy Task, carpet cleaners Adelaide.

We don’t just do Adelaide carpet cleaning, we can also take care of all your upholstery cleaning needs too! Contact our friendly staff today to see what we can do for you.